The annual Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine (CORD) Academic Assembly was held in Las Vegas, NV.  Representing VCU in the Clinical Pathologic Case (CPC) competition were Dr. Ambika Anand and Dr. Katherine Mulligan.  They did a great job!  Dr. Anand and Dr. Moffett also served as poster judges at the meeting, and Dr. Moll was a judge for the CPC competition in a separate division.  Looking forward to next year!

Dr. Ambika Anand (left) and Dr. Katherine Mulligan (right) presenting at the CORDAA23 CPC competition.

VCU group dinner at CORD AA 2023.  Clockwise from left: Dr. Andrew Alberter (EM PGY3) with wife Deborah, Dr. Nate Lewis (CD/APD), Dr. Pete Moffett (PD), Dr. Joel Moll (VCE), Dr. Grace Hickam (APD), Dr. Ambika Anand (MedEd fellow), Dr. Pawan Suri (EMIM faculty), Dr. Katherine Mulligan (EMIM PGY3).