The ultrasound faculty in the VCU Department of Emergency Medicine recently achieved division status after a long, rigorous approval process. This accomplishment reflects many years of effort, and is a great testament to the commitment and dedication of the group in spearheading efforts to grow the use of bedside ultrasound in our department, throughout the School of Medicine, the health system, and many of our community partners.

Accomplishments over the years include:

  • Dedication to teaching ultrasound skills to residents, fellows and students
  • Continuous quality review and feedback on examinations for residents, attendings and APPs
  • Semi-annual faculty ultrasound courses
  • Multiple research publications
  • POCUS leadership for VCUHS sites including CMH, New Keng, CHoR, Stoney Point, Colonial Orthopedics, and the NOW Center
  • Clinical Ultrasound ACEP accreditation
  • Longitudinal ultrasound course for pre-clinical medical students as well as ongoing education for M3 and M4 students
  • Ultrasound training opportunities for EMS agencies and community physicians
  • And many more


Learn more about the Division of Clinical Ultrasound and the Clinical Ultrasound Fellowship