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Scholarly activity and research

VCU EM faculty, perform research in a number of fields including resuscitation, ultrasound, toxicology, cardiology, neurology, education, health disparities, and emergency medical services. Our faculty are also well-represented on editorial boards of major journals and heavily involved in the peer-review process.

All of the department’s projects are open to resident participation. The department hosts a monthly resident research incubator to encourage resident participation in scholarly activity. The residency program also uses a novel scholarly points system, which allows residents to choose from a multitude of scholarly pursuits (i.e. formal research, peer review, chapter authorship, quality improvement projects, evidence-based protocol development, etc.) and still fulfill the ACGME requirement for a scholarly project.

The Department of Emergency Medicine also shares a special relationship with the Weil Institute for Emergency and Critical Care Research. Named after Dr. Max Harry Weil, the Weil Institute is a leader in resuscitation research and dedicated to advancing the knowledge of acute life-threatening injury and improving clinical outcomes in critically ill patients.