Residents posing togather

Resident life

Residency is an exciting and challenging time in our lives. Having graduated from medical school, residents are finally doctors, making the important decisions that affect patients’ lives. It is both a huge honor and responsibility.

While a residency involves hard work, personal growth and career development, it would not be complete without engaging in activities outside of the hospital.

Departmental activities

Retreat group

Each year, the Department of Emergency Medicine residents have a retreat away from VCU that is both educational, programmatic, and social. The last 3 years we spent two days Pocahontas State Park south of Richmond, a location chosen by our resident wellness committee.

Residents volunteering together

Residents Challenge Discovery

In addition to weekly conferences, residents and faculty have the chance to interact socially and professionally at our journal clubs.

Iterns smiling at orientation

During the intern orientation block, interns participate in Challenge Discovery where they learn about team management and push their boundaries.