VCU Medical Center is proud to offer its residents the highest salary to residents in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Cost of living adjustments occur each year. For a complete listing of housestaff benefits, please visit the School of Medicine Graduate Medical Education websiteExternal Link.

Medical housestaff salary scale 2017-18

PGY 1 $53,745 $4,478.75 $2,067
PGY 2 $55,244 $4,604 $2,125
PGY 3 $57,233 $4,769 $2,201
PGY 4 $59,466 $4,956 $2,287
PGY 5 $61,587 $5,132 $2,369
PGY 6 $64,036 $5,336 $2,463
PGY 7 $66,065 $5,505 $2,541
PGY 8 $69,886 $5,824 $2,688

*based on 26 pay periods

Professional expense account

Residents also are afforded expense accounts to cover the costs of educational materials and conference attendance.

  • PGY 1: $1,000
  • PGY 2: $1,500
  • PGY 3: $2,000

Support for scholarly activity

In addition to supporting resident research projects, the department is committed to funding the costs of presenting original work at regional and national scientific conferences above that which is provided within the scope of the professional expense account. The department also supports leadership roles in regional and national organizations.

Professional membership fees

The department covers the membership fees for all residents in the following organizations:

  • Society of Academic Emergency Medicine
  • American College of Emergency Physicians
  • Emergency Medical Residents’ Association
  • Virginia College of Emergency Physicians

Along with these memberships, residents receive subscriptions to the Annals of Emergency Medicine and Academic Emergency Medicine, along with a variety of training tools to prepare for professional examinations including Rosh Review, Peer IX, and other resources.

Health insurance

Residents are eligible for a subsidized health insurance program through VCUHS. There are several plans to choose from to match your family’s needs. All of the plans allow members to visit the provider of their choice without having a primary care referral.

Tax-free health expenditure account

All residents may contribute to a tax-free account that may be used to cover medical expenses not otherwise covered by their insurance. This is a great way to pay for medical expenses like eyeglasses, non-covered dental work, etc.

Subsidized parking

VCUHS provides parking in a covered deck attached to the hospital.

Athletic facilities

Residents are eligible to become members of the VCU athletic centers. With several locations throughout the city, including the state-of-the-art Cary Street Gym and the MCV Campus Recreation and Aquatic Center, residents receive a bargain: only $7 a month. In addition, many of the athletic clubs around town offer discounts to VCU residents.


VCU residents receive free access to VCU’s award-winning online library collections, including UpToDate, MD Consult, Rosen’s Emergency Medicine online text and a host of free full-text journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine and Annals of Emergency Medicine. You can browse availability through VCU Libraries External Link. In addition to the PACS radiology system available throughout the hospital, VCU Radiology Online allows physicians access to radiology studies as well as access to real-time dictations from any Internet terminal on campus.