Kolten Fischer, MD

Kolten Fischer, MD

Department: Emergency Medicine

Email: kolten.petersonfischer@vcuhealth.org

Hometown: St Paul, MN

Medical school: Eastern Virginia School of Medicine

Why VCU EM: During my interview everyone was so nice, sincere, transparent, and engaging. The people and the culture here is inclusive and supportive. I really felt like I was a part of a community. As someone who couples matched, VCU went out of their way to display their friendliness towards couples matching.  

I also really wanted to work in a setting caring for an underserved patient population. The ED has a great mix of patients and pathologies taht would prepare me for any career in any setting. Plus Richmond is a vibrant city full of great local restaurants, green space, and an awesome river. What's not to love? 

Favorite thing to do in RVA: 

Best kept RVA secret: Pipeline overlook trail. You feel like a real life Mario as you walk on a massive pipe suspended over the river

Fun fact: I love otters 

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